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ATM Services is Dallas's leader in ATM placement, events, mobile ATM'S, service, sales, processing as well as vault services. We strive to exceed our clients expectations with round the clock service, secure remote monitoring, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. ATM Servives was established in 1996 in Dallas Tx. In 2005 we expanded our company nationwide, with our corporate office still located in Dallas. We currently hold such national contracts as: Hyatt Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn, Exxon Mobile, American Trade Shows, multiple state municipalities, and many many more. We service the entire United States, and can handle any size facility from sporting facilities, to national Hotel chains. We are a fully bonded and insured company, and take the up most pride in locations and our clients facilities. Our offices are located  in downtown Dallas, and Fort Worth.We are willing and able to help your business in any way possible. We also offer an array of services for your existing location including vault cashing, repairs, communications, processing and programming. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to answer any questions you may have. Just click HERE TO CONTACT US.        

ATM Services has built a large part of our business in this market and can bring our expertise to your business. Whether you have single, or multiple c-stores, a gas station with mini-mart, bar, restaurant, nightclub, seasonal business, mall, supermarket, airport, hotel, or casino, we are capable of providing you with the most hassle-free and profitable ATM service you can find.

If you are an owner or executive for a regional / national chain store, we'd like the opportunity to show you how we can help increase your revenues, while at the same time taking away many of the headaches that sometimes come along with administering your own ATM program. With our presence across the entire United Sates we can provide any national retail chain, corporation, or hotel chain with a turn key ATM solution to maximize foot traffic or satisfy your client's needs. Please contact us today with any questions pertaining to your retail chain.


Whether you have a local professional sporting facility, or a nation wide theme park chain, ATM services can provide you with ATM solutions to optimize your cash flow. ATM Services specializes in large facility placements, and our years of experience can help to determine optimal placements to ensure easy access to patrons of your facility. We offer all types of ATM's including stand alone units, as well as through the wall models, to widen the scope of potential ATM locations. To offer even a wider range of ATM placement locations, wireless ATM's can be deployed in locations lacking available ethernet connections. Our ATM's can be branded with sports team logos, and wraps to create a truly unique look to your facility. Please don't hesitate, contact us today for a free onsite survey of your facility. 

ATM Services recognizes that each institution has its own unique requirements and concerns, and we work very closely together to meet these specific needs.
Cash Disbursement - ATM Services brings the convenience of cash right on campus to ensure student safety and easy access to their money. Some ideas for effective ATM locations include Student Unions, Cafeteria, Food Service Areas or Social Lounges.
Vendor Partnerships - ATM Services can partner directly with your Institution, or we can partner with your vendor partners such as food services companies, book store operators, etc. Financial Aid Disbursement - We’ll work with your Institution to ensure Title IV requirements are all met, and your students can efficiently receive their financial aid disbursement incrementally through your ATMs.

Contact us for more information on how we can work with your town or municipality to create an additional revenue stream, while at the same time infusing cash into your local economy. We've successfully partnered with select towns to help them serve their residents and tourist ATM needs with no cost to them while at the same time generating significant revenue for the town. An ATM in your municipality, will cut down on your credit card processing fee's and increase your cash payments. This will help increase the bottom line of your municipality, as well as provide your patrons with multiple payment options. Please call us today to set up a survey at your local municipality.

ATM Services is partnering with several regional banks, but we are always looking for other partners. If you are a smaller financial institution that is tired of losing money by providing ATM services to your customers, please contact  ATM Services for details on how we can save you money each month while still offering your valued customers the increasingly important benefit of free or reduced fee ATM services. We can service a single location, or a nation wide chain. We have been providing local banks, and credit union customers with outstanding service for over 10 years. Contact us today to discuss your banking institutions needs.

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